SUMIT K. MANDAL, Becoming Arab: Creole Histories and Modern Identity in the Malay World (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017)


  • Michael F. Laffan Princeton University



Arab, Creole, Malay, Identity, Diaspora, Southeast Asia

Author Biography

Michael F. Laffan, Princeton University


Michael F. Laffan is a professor of History at Princeton University. His area of interest includes Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, with a focus on Islam, nationalism, Dutch colonialism and orientalism. His current project, tentatively entitled Unsettled Loyalties, looks at two centuries of interactions between Muslim subjects of empires and nation states across the Indian Ocean. Starting in Cape Town in the 1780s and finishing in the Cocos Islands in the 1980s, it interrogates notions of Malayness, loyalty, and religious authority at moments of regime change.