SALLY WESLEY BONET, Meaningless Citizenship: Iraqi Refugees and the Welfare State (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2022)


  • Zainab Saleh Haverford College Author



Migration, US empire, Citizenship, Iraq, Refugees

Author Biography

  • Zainab Saleh, Haverford College

    Zainab Saleh is an associate professor of anthropology at Haverford College. Her research focuses on subjectivity, nostalgia, belonging, war, empire, citizenship laws, and violence in Iraq and the Iraqi Diaspora. She is the author of Return to Ruin: Iraqi Narratives of Exile and Nostalgia (Stanford University Press, 2021. Winner of the 2022 Evelyn Shakir Non-Fiction Award, from the Arab American National Museum in the United States). Currently, she is working on a book project titled, Uprooted Memories: Citizenship, Denaturalization, and Deportation in Iraq, which focuses on the deportation of Iraqi Jews, Iraqis of Iranian origin, and communist throughout the twentieth century. Her work also appeared in American Anthropologist, Arab Studies Journal, Anthropology News, Journal of Contemporary Iraq and the Arab World, Costs of War project with Brown University, Political and Legal Anthropology Review, and Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


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Front cover of "Meaningless Citizenship" by Sally Wesley Bonet