ANDREA WRIGHT, Between Dreams and Ghosts: Indian Migration and Middle Eastern Oil (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2021)


  • Nelida Fuccaro New York University Abu Dhabi Author



migrant labor, labor, oil, Gulf, India

Author Biography

  • Nelida Fuccaro, New York University Abu Dhabi

    Nelida Fuccaro is Professor of Middle Eastern History at New York University Abu Dhabi. Most recently she has researched the history of the social, material, and visual cultures of oil and modernity in the Gulf, Iraq, and Arabian Peninsula, and edited with Mandana Limbert a volume entitled Life Worlds of Middle Eastern Oil: Histories and Ethnographies of Black Gold (Edinburgh University Press, 2023). Her previous work focused on port and oil cities, public violence, and the interplay between ethnicity and nationalism in frontier societies. Her publications include Histories of City and State in the Persian Gulf: Manama since 1800 (Cambridge University Press, 2009), the thematic contribution “Histories of Oil and Urban Modernity in the Middle East” in Comparative Studies in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (guest editor, 2013), and the two edited volumes Urban Violence in the Middle East (co-editor, Berghahn, 2015) and Violence and the City in the Modern Middle East (Stanford University Press, 2016).  


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