War, Place, and the Transnational

  • Ali Nehme Hamdan
Keywords transnationalism, Syria, conflict, place, fieldwork


Short article recounting recent research on the idea of "the transnational" and its applications to the author's work on the Syrian conflict, refugees, and place. 

 Cover Image: Aleppo Market in Gaziantep's historic core. Image by author.

Author Biography

Ali Nehme Hamdan

Ali Hamdan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his BA from Middlebury College, Vermont. His dissertation is titled “Exile, Place, and Politics: Syria’s Transnational Civil War.” His research interests cover the transnational dynamics of conflict in the Levant, and his work has been published in Geopolitics, Middle East Report, and Jadaliyya.

Aleppo Market in Gaziantep's historic core. Image by author.
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