Migration and Transnational Governance: Middle East Cases and Challenges


  • Laurie A. Brand
  • Tamirace Fakhoury




diaspora, Arab world, migration, transnational governance, Middle East, authority, institutions, migration policy, transnational governors


Editorial introdution for the special issue on "Migration and Transnational Governance." 

Author Biographies

Laurie A. Brand

Laurie A. Brand is the Robert Grandford Wright Professor of International Relations and Middle East Studies at the University of Southern California, where she has directed the Center for International Studies, served as Director of the School of International Relations, and, most recently headed the Middle East Studies program. Brand has also served as president of the Middle East Studies Association (2004), and has chaired MESA's Committee on Academic Freedom since 2006. Her articles on migration and diaspora have appeared in Comparative Politics, Political Geography, and The International Migration Review; and she is the author of Citizens Abroad: States and Emigration in the Middle East and North Africa (Cambridge University Press, 2006).

Tamirace Fakhoury

Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury is an associate professor in Political Sciences and International Affairs in the Department of Social Sciences, and the associate director of the institute of Social justice and Conflict Resolution (ISjCR). She has furthermore taught at the summer sessions at the University of California in Berkeley between 2012 and 2016. Her core research and publication areas are: power-sharing in divided societies, migration dynamics and governance, Arab states' coping mechanisms with forced migration, and the role of Arab immigrant communities in political change. Fakhoury has published in The International Journal of Middle East Studies, The European Foreign Affairs ReviewThe Middle East JournalThe International Spectator, and Middle East Policy.



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Special Section: Migration and Transnational Governance