Conversation with Author Anna Reumert

Mashriq & Mahjar has launched a series of conversations with authors published in the journal. The purpose of these conversations is to provide a more expansive look at the research that led to the publication, and the larger questions pursued by the author.

Our first interview was with Anna Reumert, whose article, "Good Guys, Mad City: Etiquettes of Migration Among Sudanese Men in Beirut," was published in 2020. In this interview one of our co-editors, Akram Khater, spoke with Anna about her larger project about the intersection of race, gender and migration in the lives of Sudanese immigrants to Lebanon, and explored how her researsch is reshaping the way she is thinking about migration as part of the human experience. You can watch the interview here. Our next conversation will be on November 8 @ noon EST (US), with Benjamin Smith.