2020 Alixa Naff Prize in Migration Studies Recipients


The Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Alixa Naff Prize in Migration Studies.

The Alixa Naff Prize in Migration Studies recognizes outstanding scholarly studies from any discipline focusing on Middle East migration, refugees and diasporas. Usually two prizes are given annually. The first prize, in the amount of $750, is awarded to one or more established scholars. The second prize, in the amount of $750, is awarded to one or more graduate students. This year the selection committee awarded four different prizes: one for a book by a scholar, two for papers by scholars, and one for the best graduate student paper.

The 2020 Alixa Naff Book Prize is awarded to Dr. Sarah M.A. Gualtieri for her book Arab Routes. Dr. Gualtieri is Associate Professor of American Studies, History and Chair of the Middle East Studies Department at the University of Southern California.

This year the selection committee awarded the best paper prize to two scholars: Dr. Anne Irfan for her paper Educating Palestinian Refugees (Journal of Refugee Studies), and Dr. Samuel Dolbee for his paper, The Desert at the End of the Empire (Past and Present). Dr. Anne Irfan is Departmental Lecturer in Forced Migration at the University of Oxford, where she is part of the Refugee Studies Centre. Dr. Samuel Dolbee is a lecturer on History & Literature at Harvard University. 

The 2020 Graduate Paper prize was awarded to Dr. Mija Sanders, for her paper, Death on the Aegean Borderlands. Dr. Sanders is a recent PhD graduate of the School of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona.

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